Sauter Vista 122

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A new classic in design and sound. The highly resonant sound board reproduces the finest tonal nuances, making playing a pure pleasure. Because of the unique “SAUTER spherical concavity®” the sound is more voluminous and radiates liveliness.

SAUTER’s double repetition action used in grand pianos is a robust and wear-free construction. It facilitates the touch of a grand piano and is found exclusively in SAUTER pianos. The finer string scale ensures a more balanced radiation of sound from treble to bass.

The front of the Vista 122 with its classic appearance is broken only by a central seam. The keyboard and body are separated from one another, the two units clearly set apart by shadow gaps.

Timelessly beautiful fittings, pedals and positioners are finished in either brushed nickel or bright chrome. The elegant grip plate makes it easy to open the fallboard. Includes lock and grand-style lid..

Finishes: 1. maple satin, 2. cherry satin, 3. black gloss 4. Swiss pear satin

Dimensions: 4’ high, 4’9” wide, 1’10” deep

Weight: 518 lbs

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