Digital Pianos

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha CLP Series

The Yamaha CLP is the ideal piano for the beginner or the pianist on a budget. It includes all the features the average piano player could need without any frills.

Price Range: $1,999.99 – $9,999.99
Models: CLP625, CLP635, CLP645, CLP665GP, CLP675, CLP685, CLP695GP

Yamaha CSP Series

The Yamaha CSP links with the Yamaha Smart Pianist App on iPad to provide a feature-packed experience.

Price Range: $3,499.99 – $5,999.99
Models: CSP150, CSP170

Yamaha CVP Series

The Yamaha CVP Series puts an incredible number of features at your fingertips. This is the ideal instrument for a performer or venue.

Price Range: $4,799.99 – $15,799.99
Models: CVP701, CVP705, CVP709

Yamah AvantGrand – Hybrid Piano

Yamaha NU1 Piano

The Yamaha AvantGrand series of pianos combines a true acoustic piano action with the sound production of a digital piano, giving the musician the best of both worlds.

Price Range: $7,199.00 – $22,199.00
Models: NU1X, N1, N1X, N2, N3, N3X

Yamaha Disklavier

The Yamaha Disklavier is the modern day player piano. Add files via USB or connect with Yamaha Disklavier Radio to listen to your piano play your favorite songs. Some models also offer recording features that allow you to record and play back your performance.

Yamaha Silent System

The Yamaha Silent system is an add-on to a Yamaha acoustic piano. When activated, it silences the piano and produces sound through headphones, enabling you to play without disturbing others while still enjoying the touch and feel of an acoustic piano action.