Sell or Donate Your Piano

Sell or Consign
If you are interested in selling your piano and it is in near showroom condition we may be interested in either buying it from you or taking it on consignment. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you if we are interested in making an offer. We are not interested in pianos that are old/vintage and not rebuilt, unless they are by Steinway & Sons.

If your piano is functional and not more than 20 years old we might accept it as a tax-deductible donation to the PianoForte Foundation (501c3). The piano will then be donated primarily to Chicago Public Schools or a similar educational or community non-profits for the benefit of an institution that cannot afford to purchase a piano. We currently only accept pianos from the Chicagoland area. Our acceptance of a piano donation is predicated upon us having an institution ready to accept a donated piano.

While fine for use in someone’s home, pianos older than 20 years likely won’t hold up to the amount of use they will see in these institutions. The cost of maintenance required to keep them functioning would quickly outgrow the value of the instrument. Because of this it is our policy to reject any piano for donation if it was manufactured more than 20 years ago.

How do I find the Brand and Model of my piano?
The brand of any piano is usually visible just above the keys in the center of the piano. The model is a series of letters and/or numbers located on the large metal plate inside the piano. To find the model you will have to open the lid of an upright piano and may have to remove the music desk of a grand piano. Here are some examples: