Financing the Purchase of Your Piano

PianoForte Chicago helps customers purchase their heirloom pianos with the assistance of two financing companies specialized in acoustic and digital pianos, Piano Credit Company and Allegro Credit. They are both nationwide specialists and work with many reputable piano dealers in the US such as PianoForte Chicago.

When financing a purchase of a piano, the rates will typically be below standard credit card rates. A financing over 10 years, for example, will result in fairly low monthly payments, lower than our rental offers, and provide immediate liquidity for a purchase. The approval will depend on your credit rating and income levels relative to the loan amount proposed.

For additional details, please call us at (312) 291-0000.

To Apply Online:

Visit this link: Piano Credit Company and enter Merchant ID 1186.

You can submit an application for pre-approval. We will then finalize the rest and request your e-signature for a close. The process is easy and fast. Actually, approval is usually within 24 hours. We can schedule a piano delivery as soon as we receive the approval, so really there is no delay compared to a cash sale.

Also, you can quickly calculate your monthly payment when you log on to the link provided above. Here is another easy online loan calculator for your convenience:

Free Loan Calculator

We would be thrilled to make your dream of owning a quality instrument a reality sooner, with the help of financing, rather than later.