Sauter Ragazza 116/122

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A promise of sound in classic design. The Ragazza 116/122 has a sound board up to 25% larger than that of the starter model. Because of the unique “SAUTER spherical concavity®” the sound is more voluminous and radiates liveliness.

Another advantage: SAUTER’s double repetition action used in grand pianos. This is an extremely robust, wear-free construction that facilitates the touch of a grand piano. No compromises. You will only find this special technology in SAUTER upright pianos. Additionally, SAUTER pianos in the 122 series possess a finer string scale, leading to a more balanced radiation of sound from treble to bass.

The Ragazza 116/122 promises fascination down to the last detail. It has a grand-style lid and brass applications on the cabinetry. Its classic design is characterized by subtle lines.

Additional features: Damping pedal, double repetition action, lock, double brass casters

Finishes: 1. blue gloss, 2. yew gloss, 3. yew satin, 4. cherry satin, 5. cherry/yew satin, 6. black gloss, 7. white gloss

Dimensions: 4’ high, 4’8” wide, 1’10” deep

Weight: 485 lbs

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