Feurich Grand Pianos

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Feurich is a piano master-craft company that is involved in the planning, design and development of fine pianos. Feurich combines modern, precise production facilities and high quality European design to produce pianos that are rich in sound and superior in quality even when compared to more expensive instruments. Every instrument produced is proved and controlled in Ningbo by piano-master-craftsman.

Feurich Upright Pianos




Quest for Sound Quality

The primary concern of Feurich is sound quality, resulting from the best quality design possible. They strive to achieve a full, richwarm and prolonged sound.

The foundation needed to produce such a sound is given through innovative piano constructions, and the constant improvement of the hammer-heads. Furthermore the precise Feurich action guarantees the realization of all sound nuances desired. All instruments are carefully and thoughtfully voiced, thus adding even more scope to the sound produced by the hammer-heads.

Feurich pianos are produced in the Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments factory in China. The factory is known for its highly trained workers and advanced technology, and is considered to be the “most modern factory in China.” Every single member of the Feurich team, which consists of piano builders, professional musicians and piano tuner/technicians, have made it their personal goal to express their musicality in the Feurich pianos.