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FAZIOLI has been producing grand and concert grand pianos since 1981, when the company was founded by the pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli.

Passion for music and scientific knowledge, artisanship of the highest level, a firm commitment to technological research and strict selection of the finest materials: these are the main elements required for the production of a Fazioli piano.



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The Fazioli factory is located in Sacile, 60 Km (35 miles) northeast of Venice, in northeastern Italy, an area renowned for its ancient and prestigious tradition in woodworking.

Sophisticated manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge technology, woods of the highest quality and first-rate components are used by the Fazioli technicians, a group of highly qualified and committed artisans, who work passionately each day to create their works of art. The entire production process, from the initial material selection to the finished product, takes approximately three years and 1000 hours of highly specialized artisan work.

As reported by “The Economist” in 2003, FAZIOLI pianos are considered by many pianists to be among the best pianos in the world. Indeed, an ever-increasing number of internationally renowned artists are choosing Fazioli pianos in concert halls, conservatories, competitions, and recording studios worldwide.

Today, production fluctuates between 130 and 140 units per year and the manufacturing facilities are now under work of expansion. The ongoing cooperation with prestigious university institutes on research and development projects is testament to the company’s continuous commitment to the improvement of its products.

Fazioli refuses to impose any kind of limitations on Artists, convinced that they should have the freedom to choose on which instrument to play, based purely on the belief that it is the best vehicle to express their talent. For this reason, Fazioli has always been opposed to signing exclusivity contracts with artists, preferring instead to establish reciprocal partnerships for the sake of upholding artistic standards, which should always take precedence over commercial

The famous Juilliard School, New York, has recently bought a Fazioli concert piano. For the first time this institution – among the most important in the world for high-level musical training – has broken the monopoly it had with another historic brand for more than 80 years.

Fazioli pianos are now present at the world’s most prestigious piano competitions, such as the last editions of the Chopin Competition in Warsaw, the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, the Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia. May 2017 registered again the successful presence for Fazioli pianos at the. Rubinstein Competition in Tel Aviv, with all three “Fazioli” finalists being awarded a
number of prizes, among which the first two steps of the podium.

Since June 2011, each Fazioli piano is built saving 1 ton of carbon dioxide thanks to the use of electricity produced by the new photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Fazioli factory.

The works for the expansion of the piano manufacturing facilities are on the way to be completed, in order to almost double the production area and reach the goal of 150-170 pianos per year in the future.


Behind the Scenes at the Fazioli Factory

Artist Quotes

Artist Quotes on Fazioli Pianos

My greatest pleasure to play on the greatest piano. -Xi You

It’s like driving a Formula I race car. Tremendous power and range, from softest to loudest, and sensitive beyond belief. -Salvatore Spina

It is even more sensitive and responsive than a Steinway. -Mikhail Yanovitsky

The tone, dynamics, touch, and very responsive action were a piano player’s dream. ” -Bob Seeley