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PianoForte Chicago offers Grotrian grand pianos and upright pianos

Hand Crafted in Germany

Original Grortrian factory

Grotrian-Steinweg factory circa 1880

All Grotrian grand pianos are completely built in Braunschweig, Germany– with most of the instrument made by hand!

According to the Grotrian family “to build pianos with less effort would mean that they would never reach the high quality and stability, nor would they sound so beautiful.”

Larry Fine, author of the definitive book on piano buying, stated that modern Grotrian pianos are among the “highest quality”, on par with Hamburg-built Steinways, Faziolis and Bösendorfers.




Grotrian Piano Performance and Piano Making Tour

Grotrian Chambre Piano

5′ 5″
Grotrian Chambre piano
Sit down at the Chambre and your living room is transformed into a concert hall from the very first note. The strings hold around 18 tons of tension. And thanks to the perfectly engineered mechanics, even the most delicate touch will articulate a clear tone with astonishing volume.

Grotrian Cabinet Grand Piano

6′ 3″
Grotrian Cabinet grand piano
The Grotrian Cabinet piano is a genuine chamber concert instrument with finely nuanced tonal qualities. Perfect for teaching in the academy or the discerning musician at home.

Grotrian Charis Grand Piano


The Grotrian Charis piano offers an impressive dynamic spectrum and such well-balanced transparency that it becomes a source of inspiration for the pianist. The quality of this grand piano is the result of the latest insights that have come to light at our manufacturing plant in Brunswick, based on more than 170 years of experience and craftsmanship in building pianos and grand pianos – coupled with a love of music.

Grotrian Concert Grand Piano

7′ 4″
Grotrian Concert grand piano
The most delicate pianissimo and the most powerful fortissimo. Every facet of the dynamic spectrum can be perfectly expressed on the Concert. Its sound fills medium-sized halls and conservatories, opera houses and large salons. The Concert results from centuries of experience, intense research and close consultation with music teachers, pianists and acoustic experts.

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