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PianoForte Chicago offers Grotrian upright pianos and grand pianos

Built by Hand in Braunschweig, Germany

Original Grortrian factory

Grotrian-Steinweg factory circa 1880

All Grotrian grand pianos are completely built in Braunschweig, Germany– with most of the instrument made by hand!

According to the Grotrian family “to build pianos with less effort would mean that they would never reach the high quality and stability, nor would they sound so beautiful.”

Grotrian Canto Upright Piano

Grotrian Canto upright piano
The Canto is the result of single-minded research and development encased in a functional and modern shape; designed for musicians who cannot and will not want to accept compromise. A professional for the professionals.

Grotrian Carat Upright Piano

Grotrian Carat upright piano
For decades, the Grotrian piano company dreamed about building an instrument that captured the magical tone of polyphonic singing. After years spent on research and development, that dream has finally been brought to life in the shape of the Carat. Only the very best, carefully selected materials are used in this piano.

Grotrian College Upright Piano

Grotrian College upright piano
Pianos in music schools, conservatories, studios and on rehearsal stages are often subjected to excessively robust treatment. But nothing can upset the College. It was especially developed to cope with highly demanding environments. So despite heavy usage, its response speed is preserved and the outstanding tonal properties remain brilliant.

Grotrian Classic Upright Piano

Grotrian Classic Upright Piano
The Classic is among the finest pianos ever made. The tone is so breathtakingly clear and refined, it has a truly sculptural quality. And yet this instrument is exceptionally versatile. You can play it with passion and virtuosity, secure in the knowledge that the sound of the Classic will impress not just you but everyone listening as well.

Grotrian Concertino Upright Piano

Grotrian Upright Piano
It takes centuries of tradition and constant refinement in the piano-making craft to produce an instrument with such magnificent acoustic properties. The Concertino looks like an upright, but sounds like a grand piano.

Playing the Concertino is like playing with huge emotions. Because its sound is more reminiscent of a salon grand than a conventional upright. When you sit down at the Concertino, you’re putting yourself at the centre of attention. And you’re assured the appreciation of your listeners.

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