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PianoForte Chicago offers Feurich upright pianos and grand pianos

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Feurich upright piano, interior viewThe Feurich Ningbo production comes out of the European brand Wendl & Lung, which was founded by Ernest Bittner in Vienna. Bittner and his team worked closely with Hailun to develop a piano that would appeal to European piano technicians and customers. This higher standard of tone and construction meant changes and tweaks to the fundamental Hailun design that sets the Feurich Ningbo instruments from all other pianos produced at the factory.

Feurich’s Unique Approach to Voicing

Feurich pianos receive absolutely NO voicing in the factory, arriving here in completely raw form. This allows us to perform the critical process of tone building completely independent of any factory involvement, bringing the real European tone to the instrument.

Feurich Model 115

Feurich 115 upright piano

45″ Upright Piano

  • Special soundboard provides long-lasting construction and balanced tonal pattern
  • Climate-resistant laminiated pinblock combined with precision CNC cast-iron plate provide long-lasting tuning stability
  • Unmistakable Feurich piano action delivers precise, fine touch
  • Traditional pedal system with wooden levers, springs, and solid brass cast – easy to handle pedalling with mininum maintenance
  • Unique Feurich celeste pedal enables quiet practice
  • Bahuas-style design is timeless, suitable for all environments and available with brass or chrome fittings

Feurich Model 122

Feurich 122 upright piano

48″ Professional Studio Upright Piano

  • unique treble and bass string wire
  • custom action design with more European touch weight characteristics,
  • plate pattern modified for more consistent tuning pin placement
  • different design to the soundboard and ribs
  • European designed pedal trapwork levers
  • custom design hammers, unvoiced at the factory, with Wurzen felt

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