Liz Stein recently joined the sales staff of PianoForte Chicago, at its new showroom location at 900 North Michigan Shops, 6th floor. Although well versed in the sale of pianos, her background is as a professional violinist and her business expertise lies in the world of Rare Stringed Instrument sales since 1988. Liz will now be able to respond to inquiries and demonstrations of fine stringed instruments at our 900 N Michigan location through our partnership with William Harris Lee & Co.
PianoForte and Liz are now able to offer for sale a selection of violins, violas and cellos ranging from the fine, rare instruments to the modern, contemporary masters of today. We also offer bows in all price ranges. Any service needs for instruments purchased from PianoForte will be handled through our partnership with William Harris Lee & Co.
If you are on the search for a fine instrument, we recommend that you call ahead and make an appointment with Liz, so that she can be prepared to meet your specific needs, whether you are looking to purchase or sell an instrument or need an adjustment or repair. Walk-ins are of course also welcome.
For any inquiry related to Stringed Instruments, please contact Liz Stein at (312) 291-0000 extension 4 or by email at

Originally from Chicago, Liz has worked in the world of rare stringed instruments for nearly 20 years. In 1995, Liz moved to New York to setup the first U.S. location for Machold Rare Violins Ltd. Today, she is involved with many aspects of the trade. Working closely with musicians, collectors and business institutions, her role is quite diverse. She focuses on sales, public relations, business organizations, event planning as well as affiliations with patrons and friends of the arts. As a professionally trained violinist, Liz attended the University of Michigan on a 4-year performance scholarship, attaining a Bachelors Degree in Violin. She then continued her education and completed a Masters Degree from Northwestern University. As a professional musician, Liz possesses the ability and sensitivity needed to address the string musicians’ need in finding the right instrument.