Schimmel International Series

Innovation in piano manufacturing and a sensitivity for the taste of time are the reasons why Schimmel became the largest piano manufacturer in Germany during the 20th century. In keeping the founder’s motto ‘Quality will prevail’, Schimmel combined high quality with modern, advanced manufacturing processes. This has enabled pianists around the world to play a quality instrument. Schimmel is committed to this tradition especially with regard to the Schimmel International Series. Affordable quality instruments, reliable and straightforward – ‘made in Braunschweig | Germany’.

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Series Model L (inch) | L x H x W (cm) Weight
(lbs | kg)
high gloss
high gloss
high gloss
I 188 Tradition 6′ 9″ | 188 x 101 x 148 838 | 380
I 168 Tradition 6′ 0″ | 168 x 101 x 148 754 | 342