Piano Rentals

Grand pianoPianoForte Chicago is delighted to offer pianos for rent to its customers.

If you’re interested in renting a piano give us a call at (312) 291-0000 or send an email to info@pianofortechicago.com and we will be happy to help you through the process.

At PianoForte, a piano rental goes beyond simply being able to use a piano for a period of time. Rental payments are considered an advance towards the purchase of the piano you are renting or any other piano in PianoForte’s showroom. It allows you to decide which piano will suit you best to own for the long term.

Our piano rental program is designed to help you find the best piano to suit your needs before you commit yourself to a larger investment. We offer pianos for rent with a minimum 6 month rental period and the same offer qualifies as a rent-to-own program if you decide to purchase an instrument. In this case, we are offering a 12-month interest free credit towards the purchase price.

Rental Responsibilities

Under the rental program you are responsible for paying the piano moving and a deposit, as well as for maintaining the instrument at regular intervals. Tunings twice a year are not only required but add to the pleasure and satisfaction of playing the instrument. Please ask for the Rental Agreement in full for more details.

Alternative to Renting

An alternative to renting is to purchase a piano with financing. PianoForte can facilitate this by applying for credit jointly with the customer to Allegro Acceptance, a company specialized in piano financing. Financing is a viable option because monthly payments are usually less than under the regular piano rental agreement.


PianoForte‘s rental program is designed to help make your musical aspirations a reality. Our goal is to find the best piano to suit your needs before committing to a larger investment. We offer a 6-month minimum rental period, with rent-to-own incentives.

How it Works:

You rent the piano for 2% of its retail value and the first 12 months of rental fees are accrued as a full credit towards the purchase of your rental instrument or towards any other instrument of higher value in our showroom. After the 12 month accrual period, the renter may decide to continue renting the instrument on a month-to-month basis, accruing no further purchasing power.

The hallmark of our program is its simplicity: the monthly rental fee is 2% of the full value of the instrument, rounded up to the closest $10. Under the PianoForte Rental Agreement, the Renter is responsible for fees associated with delivery*, tuning, and a one-time set-up fee equal to the monthly rent. The inaugural tuning is charged up-front and bi-annual tunings are required. Tunings are a necessity for piano upkeep and add meaningfully to enjoyment and satisfaction of playing the piano. 


 Digital Pianos:   $150 without stairs

Upright Pianos:   $200 without stairs

Grand Pianos:   $300 without stairs

Tuning cost:    $120