Part With My Piano FAQ

[expand title=”I need to part with my piano. What do I do?“]

You have four options: you can sell your piano, trade in your piano, donate your piano, or pay for disposal.

[expand title=”How do I sell my piano?“]

If your piano is in near showroom condition and you need to remove the instrument quickly, PianoForte might be interested in purchasing it at a wholesale price.

If your piano is in near showroom condition and you wish to maximize the value of the sale, we recommend opting for a consignment. We will, however, need to establish if your piano is a good fit for our inventory.

For either of these options we require a tuning and appraisal to be done by a skilled piano technician at the owner’s expense. We can recommend such technicians upon request. This costs around $175 and will give you information that will be valuable whether or not your piano is a good fit for our inventory. In our experience, being able to confidently say that the piano has been tuned and inspected by a piano technician will increase the value by more than the cost of the appraisal no matter where you end up selling it.

If you are interested in selling or consigning your piano you can click “I am interested in selling, consigning, or donating my piano through PianoForte” down below and fill out your information.

[expand title=”How do I trade in my piano?“]

When purchasing a new piano from PianoForte we will often take your old piano as a trade in, subtracting the value from the purchase price of your new piano. This is ideal for someone who is looking to upgrade to a higher quality instrument or for someone who is moving and needs to downsize to a smaller instrument of similar or better quality.

When trading in your piano we will need to know the Brand, Model, and Serial number in order to give you a fair valuation for the instrument. In some cases we may need to send a piano technician to your home to assess the value of the piano.

[expand title=”How do I donate my piano?“]

If your piano is functional and not older than 20 years, we will likely accept it as a tax-deductible donation to PianoForte Foundation. The piano will then be donated primarily to Chicago Public Schools or a similar educational or community non-profit for the benefit of an institution that cannot afford to purchase a piano. We currently only accept pianos from the Chicagoland area. If it sounds like your piano may fit into this category you can click “I am interested in selling, consigning, or donating my piano through PianoForte” down below and fill out your information.

If your piano is old and in poor condition, an option for donation is Keys 4/4 Kids. Here is some information about them from their website:

“Keys 4/4 Kids is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that strives to initiate transformation in the lives of our children, our donors, and our community through the production and exploration of art and music. Keys 4/4 Kids accepts donations of used and unwanted pianos and its professional piano technicians rejuvenate them for resale. Proceeds from these sales support three major youth and civic programs: Piano Placement, Pianos on Parade, and The Ellen Project. These programs provide opportunities for artistic expression in our youth, encourage community partnerships, and make the arts available to all people, regardless of income, age, or previous arts experience.”

For more information head over to their donation page here:

[expand title=”How do I dispose of my piano?“]

If your piano is old and in poor condition and you need to get rid of it quickly you can pay our piano movers, Alden’s Piano Company, to pick it up and dispose of it. Their fee for this service is typically $200-$500 but may increase based on the specifics of the move, . Their phone number is (847) 336-3369.

[expand title=”How do I know what my piano is worth?“]

There are a lot of factors that could affect the value of your piano. These include: Brand, Age, Model, Cosmetic Condition, Mechanical Condition, Regular/Irregular Maintenance, and Type (Spinet, Console, Upright, Grand).

The best way to find out what your piano is worth is to hire a Piano Technician to complete a tuning and appraisal. This generally costs around $175 and will give you all the information you need to get the best value for your instrument.

If you aren’t sure if it’s worth having your piano appraised you can get a general idea of the value by looking for similar pianos (look up by Brand/Model/Type) on Craigslist or EBay. If you find that your piano is worth more than $1000 it is probably worth having it appraised.

Buying or selling a piano on one of these websites or through a private sale can be risky. Pianos are a lot like cars: if they aren’t regularly maintained they may develop serious problems that are not obvious at first glance and may end up costing the buyer a lot of money to fix. We recommend having a Piano Technician do an inspection to establish condition.  If you have a piano of high quality, value is usually maximized by selling through a reputable dealer.

[expand title=”How do I find the Brand and Model of my piano?“]

The brand of any piano is usually visible just above the keys in the center of the piano. The model is a series of letters and/or numbers located on the large metal plate inside the piano. To find the model you will have to open the lid of an upright piano and may have to remove the music desk of a grand piano. Here are some examples:



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