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PianoForte Chicago carries Schimmel grand pianos and upright pianos

Schimmel grand piano

Schimmel is one of the few piano manufacturing concerns in which the art and craft of traditional piano manufacturing is still being carried on by direct descendants of the founder of the company.

Ever since Wilhelm Schimmel built his first piano in 1885, the name Schimmel™ has stood for quality.

At Schimmel, experience passed on from generation to generation is purposefully integrated into the day-to-day work of building these fine pianos.

The Art and Craft Behind a Schimmel Piano


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Schimmel pianos are manufactured exclusively in Braunschweig, Germany. At this historic production site, Schimmel cultivates the traditional art and craft of piano making. Schimmel’s craftsmen embody the experience and love for their profession that is necessary in the creation of fine instruments.

At the same time Schimmel is known for its great advancements in the integration of technology in the piano-building process. Computer Assisted Piano Engineering (CAPE) software allows engineers to soundly and precisely design each part of the piano.

In addition, Schimmel operates under the belief that the best piano is created when each aspect of its design is carefully controlled, so the piano-cabinet components and keyboard of each piano is exclusively produced in the Schimmel factory. The attention to detail and the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology is the reason that the brand name Schimmel continues to enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.

schimmel piano manufacture by hand

Schimmel piano assembly circa 1910

Schimmel K169

5′ 7″
Schimmel grand piano K169

Schimmel K189

6′ 3″
Schimmel grand piano k189

Schimmel K213

7′ 0″
Schimmel grand piano K213

Schimmel K230

7′ 6″
Schimmel Grand Piano K230

Schimmel K256

8′ 4″
Schimmel Grand Piano K256

Schimmel K280

9′ 2″
Schimmel concert grand piano K280

Special Wood Finishes

Order your fine Schimmel piano in a variety of woods and finishes.
Schimmel piano special wood options
Schimmel piano logo

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