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Fazioli Pianoforti produces premier grand pianos

You can view several of these music masterpieces in our showroom:

About Fazioli Pianoforti

Fazioli Pianoforti was begun by pianist/engineer Paolo Fazioli in 1981. Mr. Fazioli, a passionate perfectionist, set out to build the best piano possible, a brave proposition considering the large manufacturers with whom he was competing. In the first year of production, Fazioli produced only three stunning pianos. Since 1981 production has slowly increased and Mr. Fazioli has continued to improve his process. Today just about 100 pianos are produced by hand each year, with just over 1,600 pianos having been made since inception. Though obviously a rare commodity, their reputation grows as more professional artists look to Fazioli as the best piano available today and publications and books attest to the Fazioli piano’s superior quality.

Fazioli uses wood only from the red spruce trees in the Italian Alps. This wood is known for its evenness, lightness and flexible strength which makes it perfect for harmonic vibrations. It is no coincidence that Antonio Stradivarius used this wood to build his legendary string instruments.

Though grounded in the long tradition of the pianoforte, one look at the Fazioli factory in Northern Italy will tell you that Fazioli’s feet are firmly in the 21st century. What sets Fazioli’s factory apart is the way in which technology and modernization are the slaves of quality, not increased production capacity.

Behind the Scenes at the Fazioli Factory

Artist Quotes on Fazioli Pianos

My greatest pleasure to play on the greatest piano.
-Xi You

It’s like driving a Formula I race car. Tremendous power and range, from softest to loudest, and sensitive beyond belief.
-Salvatore Spina

It is even more sensitive and responsive than a Steinway.
-Mikhail Yanovitsky

The tone, dynamics, touch, and very responsive action were a piano player’s dream. ”
-Bob Seeley

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