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Stevenson Valentor | Cold Seasons Album Release Concert

January 6, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
PianoForte Studios
1335 South Michigan Ave
IL 60605
Stevenson Valentor | Cold Seasons Album Release Concert @ PianoForte Studios

Cold Seasons is Stevenson Valentor’s debut solo effort. Having toured nationally and released several albums with his affiliations Bassel & The Supernaturals and Gramps The Vamp, the drummer took it upon himself to record and release an album of solo piano compositions.

“Cold Seasons is a collection of pieces designed to produce warmth from within. When cold air or water meets the skin, blood rushes to the surface to heat the body up. This album is meant to ignite your soul’s inner heat: so that when coldness comes, we don’t shy away from its challenges, but rather step to meet and conquer the challenges. When we are met with chilly emotional, social, or political environments, the only way out is to generate warmth from within. When our soul’s flames are ignited, we may welcome all adversities as allies for positive change: within ourselves, and for the world.” ~ Stevenson Valentor, 9/15/17


“Flower Engines”

“Wedding Nocturne”

“Gnossienne no. 1″*

“Naked Arms”

“In a Landscape”*

“A Winter Walking”

“Thank you”

All songs composed by Stevenson Valentor except Gnossienne no. 1 (Erik Satie), & “In a Landscape,” Composed by John Cage.

PianoForte Chicago, Inc. Showroom: 900 N. Michigan Ave, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611 · PianoForte Studios: 1335 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60605

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