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SongShop Live Gala Concert – “24 Hours”

April 30, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
PianoForte Studios
1335 South Michigan Ave
IL 60605
SongShop Live Gala Concert - "24 Hours" @ PianoForte Studios

SongShop’s annual gala concert features fourteen soloists to walk us around the 24-hour clock, from morning bugle to midnight tryst.



Produced by: Claudia HOMMEL

Music direction by: pianists Phil CALDWELL and Bobby SCHIFF.

Featuring: Adrienne MINNES, Arlene ARMSTRONG, Carol WESTON, Carrie HEDGES, Claudia HOMMEL, Don HOFFMAN, Ilene LUBELL, Karen McCORMICK, Kimberly MANN, Leona ZIONS, Lynda GORDON, Marilena SERBANESCU, Michele SILBEY , Patrick DAVIS, Ruth FUERST , Vivian BECKFORD.

Songs include Round Midnight, My Time of Day, Wave, Rock ‘Round the Clock, Sentimental Journey, I Had Myself a True Love, Think of the Time I Save, Night and Day, She’s Leaving Home, and MORE!

Thank you for reserving your place in advance! And join us for dinner after the show at the nearby MiddleEast restaurant.

About SongShop
Claudia Hommel’s hands-on workshop is an opportunity for theatre and music students, amateurs and professionals, to strengthen and deepen how they approach, interpret, and communicate meaning in a song. We delve into the heart of a song’s story to unlock its power, and in so doing, unlock the power of the artist. There’s an amazing equality of spirit as we all share in the work. The professional singer digs more profoundly into the roots of authenticity in performance while the novice is inspired to move forward,and both get the chance to support and guide one another. For our audience, the result is like magic!

PianoForte Chicago, Inc. Showroom: 900 N. Michigan Ave, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611 · PianoForte Studios: 1335 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60605

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