Ludus Tonalis Piano Duo: Sara Dominici and Massimo Perciaccante

July 20, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
PianoForte Studios
1335 South Michigan Ave
IL 60605
Ludus Tonalis Piano Duo: Sara Dominici and Massimo Perciaccante @ PianoForte Studios

A rich, fun, and exciting program: a lyrical crescendo from Brahms up to the hysterical and overwhelming frenzy of Lisztian atmospheres. The duo Ludus Tonalis enthralls audiences with their syncretic union and lyrical inspiration.

It will be possible to purchase their CD “Riflessi”, with music for two pianos.

Sara Dominici and Massimo Perciaccante, Italian pianists, have both studied and graduated with degrees in piano performance and chamber music.

They play an intense concert circuit as piano duo and as soloists for important festivals in many Italian cities, receiving adulation everywhere. Their concert career often leads them overseas; In recent years they have performed in Brazil (São Paulo, Natal, Recife), United States (Atlanta), New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton), United Kingdom (London, Kingston), Greece (Athens) , Serbia (Belgrade), Albania (Valona), Macedonia (Skopje), Spain (Leon), and others.

They also give special importance to educational activities: they are founders and artistic directors of the Academy Ludus tonalis di Riano (Rome), academically accredited with the State Conservatory for Pre-academic courses, within which they hold piano courses and organize concert seasons.

Teaching activity also often sees them abroad: in 2012 they held a masterclass at the Universidade do Rio do Norte in Natal (Brazil); afterwards to Valona, at Teatro Petro Marko, at the invitation of the Italian Consul, they held piano courses for the students of two local Academies; In addition, in 2013 they held a masterclass in New Zealand at Waikato University in Hamilton.

Ever-intrigued by modern and contemporary music, in their CD (“Riflessi”) they explore the most diverse pages of the repertoire for two pianos, strictly original for this training.


J.Brahms – Danze ungheresi I, II, IV, V

G. Bizet/O. Singer – Carmen Fantasie

G. Rossini – Ouverture dalla Gazza ladra

G. Gershwin – Rapsodia in Blue

F. Liszt – Rapsodia ungherese n. 2