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Kawai RX-1 (3)
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Kawai Grand, model RX-1


5’5″ length

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Product Description

5’5″ length

From the manufacturer:

The RX-1 elicits a wonderfully rich, resonant tone from its compact 5’5″ frame — a size that adapts easily to most any home or studio setting. The perfect cultural addition to your living room, it combines beauty, style and high performance to offer a fulfilling musical environment for your home and family. Play the RX-1 and discover why it ranks among the world’s finest baby grand pianos.
        Main Features
  • Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
  • Exclusive Carbon Jack
  • Exclusive NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
  • Mahogany Hammer Mouldings
  • CORE™ System for superior tone
  • Exclusive “Hard Finish” Music Rack
  • Steel Reinforced Keyslip
  • Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System

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